Auto Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising is the new hub for advertisers. it is a low cost medium to advertise. If compared with the range of audience covered its the most feasible and innovative mode to advertise. You must be seeing auto Rikshaw’s while driving to your office and on the way back to home and millions of other people watching it too. We at Auto Rickshaw YescomMedia Advertising, make this possible.

As Rickshaws ply everywhere around the city, it ensures that your ad is noticed almost everywhere on main thoroughfares, lanes and alleys, crossroads and at traffic signals. Also, the message stands a good chance on an average of 18 hours of exposure everyday as each rickshaw travels about 70-100 kms a day. A single auto covers 30 000 people in a campaign of one months. So isn’t it a pleasing piece of news for all the brand promoters, ‘Promotion in Motion’ is what we call it at Auto Rickshaw YescomMedia Advertising.


  • Autos are used as most convenient mode of public transport for short distances
  • Average travel time in an auto is 15 minutes, thus dedicated eyeballs for the interior advertisements
  • High quality branding opportunity in terms of recall value associated with advertisements on the inside
  • Low cost advertisements
  • Auto rickshaw travels atleast 150 kms per day.
  • Roaming Visibility to your brand for atleast 16 hours a day.
  • Middle class target group which constitutes largest consumer population.